A discrete shipping service is available to you

The most significant thing in this business is Delivery. offers Guaranteed delivery to your doorstep without any issues with customs , we use UPS, FedEx and USPS We guarantee that your order will reach you on time and in impeccable condition. You can track your order online to ensure it arrives safely and on time. This allows customers to be sure that their orders are arriving on time and in perfect condition, eliminating the risk of costly delays or damaged goods. Additionally, customers can track their orders online to ensure the most up-to-date information on their delivery status. This also allows customers to relax knowing their orders will be delivered on time and as expected.

Furthermore, having access to real-time information on delivery status allows customers to plan ahead and be better prepared for their orders. Moreover, this technology helps to reduce customer anxiety and frustration by allowing them to easily and quickly access the most accurate information about their orders. This is especially beneficial for customers who may be waiting for items to arrive, such as gifts or important documents. Additionally, this provides customers with more control over their orders, as they can be proactive in monitoring their order status and make any necessary changes or adjustments as needed.

Order Confirmation:

Order confirmation allows customers to know their order has been accepted and processed. Customers can receive confirmation via email, text message, or other forms of communication. We will send you a tracking number within 24 hours of your package leaving the warehouse to the e-mail address you provided during checkout. If you do not receive tracking information from us within 2-3 business days please contact us at By providing customers with a tracking number, they can easily track the progress of their package and be reassured that their order has been shipped and is on its way. This also gives them the opportunity to contact us if they don’t receive the tracking number within the expected timeframe. This way, customers can be sure their package is tracked and received on time.

Additionally, it allows us to offer our customers a better customer service experience if they need to contact us. By providing customers with a tracking number, we are giving them a sense of control and transparency in the shipping process. This helps to build trust and increases customer satisfaction. Additionally, having the tracking number allows us to quickly identify any potential issues and resolve them quickly, which further enhances the customer experience. Additionally, tracking numbers allow us to monitor the progress of the shipment and provide customers with real-time updates on the status of their order. This gives customers peace of mind that their order is on the way and helps to reduce customer anxiety. Furthermore, having the tracking number enables us to address any issues with the shipment quickly and efficiently, which further enhances the customer experience.

Refund and Return Policy:

Our customers can return their orders within 30 days of receipt for a full refund, provided the items are in their original condition. We also provide free returns for defective or damaged items. This policy gives customers the assurance that they can try our products without any risk, since they can always return them if they are not satisfied with their purchase. It also ensures that customers receive a quality product, as defective or damaged items can be returned for free. This policy is beneficial for both customers and the company as it encourages customers to purchase from us, knowing that they can return their order if they are not satisfied. It also helps to build trust in our brand, as customers can be assured that they will receive a quality product or be able to easily return it if it arrives damaged or defective.

Additionally, it helps to protect the company from fraudulent claims of damaged or defective items, as customers can be tracked and verified when they make returns. This helps reduce losses, and allows the company to focus more on customer satisfaction and providing high-quality products. When ordering products from our website, it is your responsibility to choose the correct item(s). By making a purchase from us you confirm that you fully understand all the terms and conditions stated here and agree to all terms and conditions.   This policy allows the company to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes between the customer and the seller, which could arise due to incorrect orders. Additionally, it allows the company to ensure that the customer is aware of all the terms and conditions associated with their purchase and accepts them.

Please note: As part of the return process, if the returned item is found to be in perfect working condition, a 20% restocking fee will be applied.


Our products are delivered in sealed mylar foil bags to protect the material until use. Stealthily, we ship our blotters in vacuumed plastic mylar bags. To prevent detection, they are shipped in unmarked, plain packages. We guarantee that our customers will receive their orders discreetly and securely. By using mylar foil bags, we are able to ensure that the contents are not detectable by smell or sight. The bags are vacuum-sealed, which helps to further protect the material and prevent them from being tampered with. Furthermore, the packages are unmarked and plain, allowing the items to remain undetectable. Additionally, the packaging is designed to blend in with other packages. This means that it is difficult to distinguish our packages from others, making it nearly impossible for anyone to know what is inside.

In addition, the packaging is also designed to withstand harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures, moisture, and UV radiation, ensuring that the material stays safe and secure for as long as possible. This is important for companies that ship their products around the world, as it prevents the material from being damaged or tampered with during transit. Additionally, the packaging is also designed to be lightweight and recyclable, which helps to reduce the environmental impact of the product. Companies can also save on costs by using lightweight packaging materials. Additionally, using recyclable materials can help to reduce waste and promote sustainability